"Su Escuela De Manejo"

The importance of taking classes is not just to satisfy the requirement to get your license.  Training is important so that all drivers have an understanding of Traffic Laws and the ability to maneuver a car according to the Laws of Maryland.  Proper Driving Knowledge and Ability make a SAFE DRIVER.


Our staff is trained to help new drivers to learn how to drive and to assist them in obtaining their Driver’s License from the MVA (Motor Vehicle Administration.)


Our Classroom Instructors and our Driving Instructors are:

Ž Licensed by MVA

Ž Fully Trained

Ž Professional

Ž Courteous


Our clean, secure and air-conditioned Classrooms are fully equipped as required by the MVA.

Our school training cars are equipped with dual brakes and all the modern safety features to ensure a safe learning environment for our students on the road.


Our students’ safety while driving on the road is our #1 responsibility.  Our job is to make sure we prepare new drivers for the dangers they can encounter on the road.

2015 Toyota Corolla

Alto Driving School has been serving the community for many years by instructing new drivers on the correct way to drive, to share the road and to be safe drivers. 

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